Freight Operations Information System FOIS Services all About it

Freight Operations Information System FOIS Services all About it
Freight Operations Information System FOIS , Ministry of railways, government of India official website. Freight trains bring two thirds of the Indian Railway revenues and are referred to as the bread earners for the Railways. The major commodities carried by Indian Railways are Coal, Iron Ore, Foodgrains, Iron & Steel, Cement, Petroleum products, Fertilizer and Containerized Traffic. There are specialized wagons to handle the Transportation Needs of the different types of commodities. Experience the Speed, Convenience and Security with E-Demand Registration System also available at Freight Operations Information System FIOS Indian Railways site.

Available services at Freight Operations Information System FOIS
Reporting/Monitoring enabled for:
Position of Freight Trains in Computerized Territory, ETA/ETD at a station, Commodity wise flow for customers like Power Houses, Refineries, Fertilizers, Cement Plants, Steel Depots and public freight terminals -Attachment/Detachment of Rolling Stock -Wagons in yard, Locos in Shed, Detention -Loading/Unloading from different regions/locations.
Freight Earnings, RRs, Invoices, Demurrage charges, Wharfage charges and other Local Charges.
Balance Sheet, Apportionment, E-payments, Empty Haulage etc.

Managerial Reports generated on:
Periodic Loading/Unloading, Detentions, Rolling Stock Availability, NTKM/GTKM, WTR, Outage etc.
Comparative/Tredn analysis on different parameters.
Interchanges, Forecasting
Holding, EKM, HOR, Insight etc.

Decision Making tools:
Rake Allocation/Allotment
Terminal Congestion Determination etc.

FOIS comprises two major subsystems :
Rake Management System (RMS) for handling the operational aspects of IR.
Terminal Management System (TMS) for handling the commercial aspects of IR.

The other important subsystems for better Decision Making:
MIS Reporting, Rake Allotment/Allocation System (RAS), Terminal Pipeline Management System (TPMS)
FOIS provides improvement in existing business practices and consequently reduction in the operating costs while enhancing the quality of service. A full fledged Domestic Terminal Management System (DTMS) for CONCOR is already in place.

Thus FOIS provides:
Convenience and Transparency to Customers
Optimum Utilization of Resources
Handling of Commercial and Operational aspects of Rail and Freight Movement
Better Decision making tools
Help for better logistics management.

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