How to IRCTC Agent Login Interface Application Operating Process

How to IRCTC Agent Login Interface Application Operating Process
1. Visit Official website :
And open Agent Interface Dashboard application.

2. Enter your new IRCTC user-ID and new password (mailed by IRCTC in your registered e-mail) in user-ID and Password input-boxes and click on Login button.

3. Clicking on Search Ticket link under Enquiries menu, transaction details can be searched based on PNR Number and IRCTC transaction ID.

4. Click on Search Ticket link to search ticket details based on PNR Number/Transaction id.

5. Enter the PNR Number/Transaction id to get the ticket details and print ERS Slip.
Click on Print ticket button to open the “ERS” page to print.

6. Clicking on Cancel Ticket Status under Enquiries menu, Cancellation status of e-ticket can be searched based on PNR Number, IRCTC transaction ID, IRCTC Cancellation Transaction ID.

7. Enter the PNR Number/Transaction id/Agent Cancellation id

8. After click on submit button, cancelled ticket is shown and click on cancellation id link to view complete details of cancellation.

9. Click Check TDR Status link under Enquiries menu to get the TDR Status details based on PNR Number and Transaction ID.

10. PNR Status- Click on PNR Status to check the current status of PNR.

11. Click on Change Profile Password to change login password of user (which is logged-in to Agent Interface application). The changed login password can be used for both logging into e-ticketing application (new website – and Agent Interface application (URL provided in point no.1).

12. Click on Change Txn Password to change RDS transaction password of user (which is logged-in to Agent Interface application)

13. RDS: – Click on RDS Txn done by SubAgents menu option to view successfully booked transactions done on a particular day

14. Select the booking date and click on Search button to view list of successfully booked transactions.

15. List of booking transactions are shown after selecting a particular date and clicking on Search button.

For More details visit official website :

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