Procedure Railway UTS Mobile R-Wallet Recharge for suburban tickets Booking

Railway UTS Mobile R-Wallet Recharge for suburban tickets Booking
Indian Railway is introducing the facility of booking unreserved suburban tickets on smartphones. The application has been developed in-house by Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS).The passenger has to book the ticket in the mobile phone and print the ticket on the ATVMs installed at the journey originating (Source )Station.

Using this website user can do the following:
Upon successful registration, R-Wallet will be opened on zero-balance basis for the passenger. The RWallet will be linked with the mobile number.
User can Recharge (Top-Up) the Wallet, using the payment options as Internet Banking & Debit Card facility. Money is deducted from user’s account and his wallet will be credited after successful transaction.
The passenger has to recharge the RWallet either at the UTS counters available in the suburban railway stations or visit the URL
Railway wallets are closed wallets and will be used only for Rail ticket booking.
At the time of ticket booking, the application will check whether the RWallet account is having sufficient balance to book the ticket and if the amount is sufficient, then the ticket fare amount will be deducted and ticket will be booked.
Upon cancellation of ticket, the refund amount will be topped up in the RWallet.

UTS Mobile Details of Website :
User can check already booked ticket from this website, He can also check the cancelled ticket and he is also able to check the Wallet recharge history and check whether the transaction is successful or not.
User can also change his profile. User can change his default journey attribute, city & already saved route.User can delete already saved route & he can create a new route also. Maximum five favourite route can be saved, which can be used for quick booking of the tickets.
User can change his password using this website, which is more necessary for the security of the user account.

for more details ,visit official website : or

33 thoughts on “Procedure Railway UTS Mobile R-Wallet Recharge for suburban tickets Booking”

  1. When I try to login from new device of same number it is asking me to login from old device. .pls help..

  2. Try to make easy ticket printing from any location example ,

    Ticket booked while in kurla from Dadar to Andheri so print can be taken from DR located ATVM or DDR located ATVM.

  3. i am unable to make recharge using internet banking, i can find only one payment option that is paytm, please check this problem and suggest me alternative option to recharge R wallet

  4. I have recharged rwallet yet balance shown is zero after 8 hours how much does it usually take pls help

  5. I recharged rs 100 money debited but transaction failed recharge amount shown 0 how to get back the amount debited from my bank account

    • Same thing happened with me.. Deducted amount from my bank account but it’s wallet still show 0 balance.. How did you got your money/ balance?

  6. I tried recharge first rs 400 then rs 200 both times money was debited but showed transaction failure. How to get money back?

  7. i have recharge of Rs.100 in R- wallet thru netbanking but my wallet balance is show zero and 100 rupee debited frm my account what i can do

  8. there should be a helpline no for uts.many of us facing many problems.start helpline..if there any already please give it.thanks..

  9. Have been trying to top up my wallet since the last two days, but the online page for the same dies not open. It asks for the password and stuff and then goes blank when the succeeding page is opened. Kind of a frustrating experience. And I thought it was meant to make things easier for us…

  10. Please make some changes in this app which is when we book any ticket give text msg in registered mobile and allow it during travel …this will be help to save our time and no need to print ticket on atvm machine and also it help to save our environment

  11. I tried recharge first Rs 200/- Amount was debited my bank account, but showed transaction failure. How to get money back?

  12. I cannot able to book train ticket, for
    it says your GPS accuracy is low, but I have give the handset setting in GPS accuracy is high, then what we do,


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