How to Renew UTS Mobile Reason ticket at online

How to Renew UTS Mobile Reason ticket at online
The passenger should have either Android or Windows utsonmobile apps. He/she should be a valid registered user in the Mobile ticketing System. The passenger should have sufficient money in their R-Wallet.The passenger will be login to the application by giving Mobile number and password for authentication, which will enable only users who have done the registration for mobile ticket to use the application.AFTER renew seasons ticket, how it is as given

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1. The passenger will login to the utsonmobile application on smart mobile phones.
2. The passenger will select “Book Ticket” –> ‘Season Ticket’ –> ‘Renewal’
3. Based on the passenger registered mobile number or UTS number, the application will check in the backend system for any existing valid season ticket. If there is any valid ticket available in the system, which is going to be expiry within 10 days or ticket validity period is already expired, but still within the grace period, will be displayed by the application.
4. Details of old season ticket will be displayed on screen with renew option.
5. The passengers are allowed to change the duration, ID card and address.
6. The passenger can be book Second/First Class season ticket.
7. The passenger age will be automatically calculated based on the date of birth provided by the passenger.
8. The passenger will get the total fare of the ticket.
9. The passenger will select payment option.
10. Upon ticket booking confirmation by passenger, the ticket will be booked and the passenger will get confirmation message with ticket information.
11. The passenger will use Show Ticket option to display ticket to the TTE/TC
12. Once the ticket validity period plus grace period is expired, then passenger can obtain a fresh season ticket.

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contact for feedback/assistance :
Phone: – 7045033646 (for Mumbai users)
– 9840931998 (for Chennai users)
– 011-23361955 (for Delhi users)
– 138 (for Kolkata users)

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