Indian Railway Web Complaints suggestions Register at online

Indian Railway Web Complaints suggestions Registration at online
“Indian Railways serve every day is of paramount importance to the system” is great word using Indian railways, its truly. huge segment, computer based ticketing systems has been launched for all stations.Railway Information Systems has launched On-line ticketing facility which can be accessed through website Safety of 13 million passengers that Indian Railways serve every day is of paramount importance to the system. Over the years, apart from the regular safety norms followed, the network has taken a number of steps through innovative use of technology and stepped up training to its manpower to enhance safety standards.

As in mind, Security of railway passengers for Indian railways new launched As “Complaint Management System” Inaugurated By Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Hon’ble Minister for Railways (Govt. of India), on 2nd March, 2015. Its SMS, Web Complaints and suggestions portals for Railway passengers.

So Railway passengers, if you have any Complaints and suggestions about Indian railways. Please register and tell Details. nothing to worry about your Details it very Confidential. so please rise your problems and Gives Web Complaints and suggestions through these portals. And track your Web Complaints and suggestions details at online.

visit official website of Indian Railway Web Complaints and suggestions” :
And Register Complaint and Suggestions.
if already Register Complaint and Suggestions and track your Complaint and Suggestions.

4 thoughts on “Indian Railway Web Complaints suggestions Register at online”

  1. To,
    The Manager IRCTC,
    Sub:- Regarding catering, cleanliness, security, and staff behavior in poor but PRIMIER EXPRESS train 22679. YPR-SVDK
    Dear Sir,
    I put complaint of train 22679, regarding cleanliness, catering, security and staff I was travelling by train 22679, I boarded from NAGPUR on dated 29th March 2015, My PNR No.4619246992 and my berth numbers r B-3/49 & B-3/52 in the train.
    Regard to catering is very poor in the train; I boarded in train at about 1330 hours from NAGPUR dtd 29th March 2015. Nobody has supplied me water bottles as per the menu, when I asked then they arranged anyhow.
    Time is 1330 hours, I should b supplied by lunch, but neither supplied and nor asked.
    Breakfast and tea should be supplied at at about 1630 hours, but that is also not supplied, on enquiry pantry manager intimate u r gtg soon and in process but nothing supplied.
    At 1900 hours he bought some bread sticks, BIMOL butter in place of AMUL butter packets in one gunny bag, tomato soup in paper cup and supplied to all passengers just like SANTA BANTA is distributing chocolates to the children’s. However the passengers were either hungry, some are thirsty they have accepted this treatment. Actually the soup, sticks, AMUL butter not BIMOL should be supplied in plastic trays. However trays were lying but they were not used.
    At about 2100 hours the pantry men came with food packet in paper plates and started distributing. Our poor passengers accepted this bad treatment also. Passengers are not able to eat properly. Bed and berth getting dirty because dinner also not supplied in plastic trays. Curd supplied was giving smell, all the passengers have thrown it, in place of parata/chapatti, puris are supplied separately, and they are also very oily. Some passengers were demanding non veg but pantry man intimated not available.
    Passengers paper plates were not collected by pantryman hence in all train becomes dirty of paper plates, cups, spoons and dust. Pantryman intimated it is not my duty it is ur self to keep clean.
    Besides this after meals the ice-cream supplied is also of not good quality and branded. It was a local, passengers have thrown that ice-cream also because it was giving bad smell.
    In morning at about 0730 hours of 30th March 2015 train reached New Delhi. Morning tea also not supplied at all. On enquiry regarding NewsPaper the pantry manager intimated papers are not being supplied in this train.
    Then at about 0930 hours he supplied breakfast is also not of properly cooked, some of the passengers have thrown it and preferred to purchase from outside on the station.
    At the time of LUNCH he had not supplied in plastic trays, and NON VEG not supplied by saying that not available.
    From above it can b seen how unhygienic food is being supplied to the poor passengers of indian railways and menu is not strictly followed. On complaint to TC , he intimated u lodge a complaint on 139, complaint book is not available. However we the passengers finds that he was giving service to ACI/II passengers/railway officers who r sitting with TC. The train is just like owned by railway officers, TCs and not for the passengers.
    After lunch and dinner as the food packets are supplied to the passengers without plastic trays, in the whole train kuda of paper plates, cups and spoiled food.
    When train reached at NEW DELHI at about 0730 hours on dtd 30th March 2015, passengers requested TC, please get the train cleaned. He also not heard and guard given green signal to train, but at last passengers annoyed and chain pulling has been done twice and train was not allowed to go before it cleans. Anyhow the train is cleaned though not in proper way, totally in hurried manner. After cleaning of the entire compartments passenger allowed the train to start after one hour.
    From the above it is proved that cleanliness not yet maintained or not cared.
    Further no paper napkins, liqid soap has been provided in the toilet baths of the train.
    Throughout the train security persons are not being seen.
    Nobody is checking the tickets, without ticket passengers were also sitting from New Delhi but nobody has cared.
    Unauthorise vendors are use to enter in the train for selling of food packets, tea, water bottles, chips, biscuits etc and passengers were used to purchase it because pantryman is not supplying properlyThe quality supplied by private vendors probably may be better than pantry. Further the train has got very limited stops. Hence yeh too “ ek mazboori hai” . All passengers thinks that pantryman and railway officials have coolude each other for these malpractices.
    We asked TC, for complaint book but is being rejected by TC concern and replied lodge a complaint either online or on 139 but complaint book or suggestion book is not available with us.

    From the above it can b seen that how the poor catering, cleaning, staff and security has been provided in PRIMIUM EXPRESS train 22679.
    1. Either pantryman should b penalized or b removed for not capable of giving services.
    2. No proper catering service has been provided, and supplied unhygienic food, nothing has been supplied as per the menu.
    3. There r all possibilities of railway officers and pantry contractors are cooluded each other for malpractices.
    4. CATERING charges I have paid should be refunded 20 times of total paid to me as I have not received proper service from pantry contractor.
    5. I and all passengers humbly request our Hon Minister of Railways to provide some fund from BHARAT SWATCHHATA ABHIYAN for this train. So that this train can b cleaned, otherwise poor show continues on the shoulder of poor and needy passengers.
    6. I further requests railway authorities, my catering charges should b refunded 20 times of I have paid, if not I may approach to consumer forum for this act of INDIAN RAILWAYS.

    Copy to,
    1. Hon Minister Of Railways for favour of kind information, and taking action on Railway officers as well as pantryman. Further requested to provide some little fund from BHARAT SWACHHA ABHIYAN for this premium express train 22679.
    2. The CVO O/o Indian Railways at New Delhi
    3. The CVO IRCTC Indi

  2. With due respect
    I would like to inform u that what ur railway rules are
    If a staff in emergency wants a leave just because his daughter suddenly become ill n she is out of station
    So what does ur rules says that let the daughter die..
    If ur employee calls u
    U should allow him in case of emergency instead of giving me laucters n punishment
    N we are providing all d hospital proofs too

    Plzz take any action
    Thank u


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