IRCTC Flight ticket Cancellation and Charges info

How to IRCTC Flight ticket Cancellation and cancellation charges

IRCTC Flight ticket Cancellation Procedure, how it is. Actually IRCTC Flight Tickets can be cancelled on Internet at official website till Chart preparation of the flight no later than 24 hours. From Souce starting preparation is usually done on the previous night.Please note that all cancellations have to be done at least 6 hours prior to the flight departure time.

How to IRCTC Flight ticket Cancellation:

Visit Official website :
Goto “Booked Tickets” link.
Select ticket to be cancelled and can initiate the cancellation by selecting the passengers to be cancelled. Cancellation would be confirmed online and the refund would be credited back to the account used for booking.

For more details visit official website:

How can I cancel a ticket on your website?
1. Under the heading flights, Please login to your Account where all the Transection would be displayed. Select the transection where you can cancel as per the segment or passenger.
2. Please note that all cancellations have to be done at least 6 hours prior to the flight departure time.

What are the cancellation charges and how much time will take to get the refund processed?

Cancellation charges are as per the Airline rules and policies; these are mentioned in the Voucher for your reference. Additionally IRCTC cancellation charges of Rs.250 per passenger per sector will be charged in addition to the above charges.
The refund will be processed by us in 7 working days from the time of cancellation; it would take additional 4-5 working days for the bank to credit it into your account.

When and how will I get a refund if the flight is cancelled?
In such a scenario, we would need the endorsement copy from the Airline stating that the flight was cancelled. You can send us the scanned copy by email and we will process the refund.

Can I cancel the segments and make the ticket open dated?
Some airlines allow passengers to cancel the segments and are awarded a credited note for the same.

If I need to cancel my flight, what’s the latest I can do this by?
With IRCTC, you can cancel your flight no later than 24 hours the time of departure. If it’s later than 24 hours, you need to contact the airline directly for cancellation.

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  1. Before booking tickets i want to know about the cancellation charges. How much is deducted from the money and how much we used to get back?


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