UTS Change Mobile handset how it Works in Same Mobile Number

UTS Mobile Lost,Mobile App works How to change the mobile handset in Same Number

Indian Railway is introducing the facility of booking unreserved suburban tickets on smartphones. The application has been developed in-house by Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS).The passenger has to book the ticket in the mobile phone and print the ticket on the ATVMs installed at the journey originating (Source )Station.

The passenger should have either Android or Windows utsonmobile apps. they should be a valid registered user in the Mobile ticketing System. The passenger should have sufficient money in their R-Wallet. these are the process to be Done at your mobile. Incase you lost your mobile, how to change it.

How to change the mobile handset?

One can change the handset once in three months. The steps to change the mobile handset is as follows:
1. The passenger has to initiate the change handset (IMEI) request from the existing mobile number.
2. The passenger can download the app in the new mobile device.
3. The passenger login to the application using their credential.
4. The passenger will use the sync ticket option to re-sync the ticket to the new mobile.
5. All the ticket will be bound to the new mobile handset.
In case passenger is not having any valid tickets, then change handset request may be initiated from the website https://www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in.

In case mobile handset is lost or non-repairable?

One can give a change handset request to CCM/PM office of the concern Railway along with following copy of the document:
1. Mobile Handset is lost:
a. Copy of the FIR/CSR
b. Copy of the Duplicate SIM CARD request letter given to Mobile Network Operator

2. Mobile Handset is non-repairable:
a. Copy of the letter from the dealer or service centre saying that the mobile is non repairable.
b. Copy of the Duplicate SIM CARD request letter given to Mobile Network Operator
All the active tickets will be restored for new handset.

For More details visit Official website : https://www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in.

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