UTS Season Tickets Booking through UTS Mobile App install

UTS Mobile Ticketing App is a very user friendly ticket generating App for buying suburban tickets, which not only takes away the inconvenience of having to wait in a queue to buy ticket but also saves time & energy spent in standing in queue. The facility is available in the suburban section of both – Western Railway & Central Railway.

UTS Mobile App Install :

First of all If you are having a GPS enabled Android or Windows based Smart Phone, the UTS Mobile Ticketing App can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Windows store respectively, from your mobile.

Easy steps will allow you to book your UTS Season Tickets at the tip of your fingers:

1. Select Season Ticket (ST) menu for booking Season Tickets.
2. Further, select the “I” option for Issue of fresh Season Ticket or select “R” option for renewal of fresh Season Ticket.
3. For issue of fresh Season Tickets, you shall be first required to enter your “NAME”, “GENDER”, “IDENTITY CARD No.” & “ADDRESS”. Thereafter, select the “SOURCE” & “DESTINATION” stations.
4. A ticket summary shall be shown on your mobile screen along with the fare.
5. Purchase ticket by using the balance in your R-Wallet.
6. After selecting all the options, give “BOOK TICKET” command.
7. The paperless Season Ticket is booked in your mobile. This ticket can be retrieved from the “SHOW TICKET” option.
8. The facility for issue of TWO/THREE ROUTE is also available through this App.
9. In case of renewal of Season Tickets, the UTS No. of the existing Season Ticket has to be entered and the same will be renewed as per the existing rules of renewal. The renewal can be done 10 days in advance as per the extant rules in vogue.
10. Also, the existing paper Season Ticket can be renewed through this App by following the above directions.
11. The distance restriction of 30 meters away from the station and within 02 kms of journey starting/originating station will not be applicable in case of booking of Season Ticket, which can also be booked within the Railway premises.

Recharge my Railway Wallet (R – Wallet) :

You can charge your Railway Wallet (R – Wallet) through website or across the counter.
R – Wallet can be recharged at any UTS counter, just by giving your registered Mobile number.
R – Wallet can also be recharged through Internet using the website “www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in” .

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